Grappa of Moscato

Grappa of Moscato comes from a white grape variety, known for its spicy aroma and character for its fruity. The pomace, after being gently pressed during the wine-making, is distilled in pot stills steam, creating a grappa crystal delicate fragrance and floral flavor with elegant and harmonious, elegant and unique.

Alcohol content: 40% vol.
Type of grappa: brandy young aromatic
Grapes: Selecting Muscat grape pomace, grape known for its spicy aroma and character for its fruity

Type of vine: white grape
Origin of pomace (area of origin): are used both Trentino marc from which other areas traditionally suited to Muscat
Distillation Method: The pomace is distilled in pot stills steam, in the tradition of thirty

Organoleptic characteristics

Color: crystal
Bouquet: Delicate and floral
Taste: Elegant and harmonious, exquisite and unique


Available sizes: 100ml – 500ml – 700ml Notes: article with case
How to serve: It is recommended to taste this grappa in a glass tulip type, at a temperature of 8-10° C

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