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Gin Distilled Lampone & Vaniglia

A creative variation of our consolidated Gin Dry, with the addition in distillation of an infusion of raspberries, blueberries from Valsugana and vanilla pods. Slowly distilled in a bain-marie, it is ideal for aperitifs and new cocktails with tonic and 1/3 lemon juice. Fresh, fruity and perfectly balanced with juniper notes and no added sugar.

700 ml

Gin type: Gin Distilled with infusion
Botanicals: Among the main botanicals there are vanilla pods, raspberries and blueberries.
Distillation method: The juniper alcoholate is distilled in a pot still in a bain-marie without rectification and the raspberry infusion is added to the vanilla pods and blueberries.

Organoleptic characteristics

A generously perfumed and fruity Gin on the nose with decisive notes of juniper on the aftertaste.

Technical features

Moment of consumption: Ideal mixed for an aperitif, with ice and lemon juice.