Gin Dry – 500 ml
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Gin Dry

This Gin comes from the experience gained in 60 years of infusions of medicinal herbs in alcohol. We wanted to combine the juniper berries with the typical botanicals of our mountains in Valsugana and distill them in a bain-marie according to the recipe of the master distiller Alessandro Cavalin. A dry, aromatic but balanced Gin, ideal as a digestive or mixed for an aperitif.

500 ml
42% vol

Gin type: Gin Dry London Dry
Botanicals: The main botanicals include orchid root, mountain pine, lemon peel, rosemary and cardamom seeds. The recipe is developed by the master distiller Alessandro Cavalin with more than 12 medicinal herbs.
Distillation method: The juniper alcoholate is distilled in a pot still in a bain-marie without rectification, subsequently a portion of Gin is redistilled with the botanicals in infusion.

Organoleptic characteristics

A dry, aromatic but balanced Gin

Technical features

Moment of consumption: Ideal as a digestive or mixed for an aperitif.