Grappa Riserva Ltd Porto – 500 ml

34,90  Incl. Vat


Grappa Riserva Limited Edition botte Porto

This limited edition Grappa Riserva in Porto barrel is the result of an accurate blend of pomace distilled in a discontinuous alembic in Bagnomaria. Grappa, after being aged for 4 years in the sealed barrel room and subjected to fiscal control, is further refined in woods used for the aging of the Port.

500 ml
40% vol
4 years

Grappa typology: Grappa Riserva aged in French oak barrels and subsequently refined in wood used for the aging of the Port.
Grapes: The pomace used is obtained from an accurate blend of grapes, the composition of which has been selected by the master distiller.
Aging: 4 certified years

Grape variety: Red and white grapes
Origin of pomace (area of ​​origin): Italian grapes

Distillation method: The pomace is distilled in a bain-marie discontinuous alembic still, respecting the Trentino tradition

Organoleptic characteristics

Color: Amber
Perfume: Elegant and slightly sweet
Taste: Soft and rounded, with hints of almonds and morello cherries.

Technical features

Notes: With the aging in Rum barrels, the Grappa acquires notes of the distillate
Method of service: We recommend tasting this grappa in a tulip-type glass, at a temperature of 16 – 18°C, taking care to let it breathe for a few minutes
Moment of consumption: The ideal moment to taste it is after a meal, but it is increasingly becoming a grappa for conversation.