Acquavite di Albicocca – 500 ml
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Acquavite di Albicocca

The apricot, rich in its aroma and flavour, is harvested when ripe and left to ferment to produce this highly appreciated brandy. The distillation takes place slowly in a bain-marie, in order to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit. Subsequently the distillate rests for at least 6 months in stainless steel tanks and filtered at the right temperature before being bottled. It is recommended to taste it at 12°C.

500 ml
40% vol

Fermentation: apricot puree requires 4/6 days for the sugar to transform into alcohol.
Origin of Raw Materials: apricots from Alto Adige (considered among the best areas in Europe), grow in the mountains and ripen late: this allows for a notable accumulation of aromas.
Distillation method: the distillation takes place very slowly in particular steam stills, which allow the organoleptic characteristics of the apricot to be maintained.

Organoleptic characteristics

Color: crystal clear
Nose: intense and elegant, sweet on the nose. Dry and harmonious flavour. Very elegant, with good persistence.

Method of Service: we recommend tasting this fresh distillate in a tulip-type glass, at a temperature of 12°C.