Geist di Lampone – 100 ml
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Geist di Lampone

From the slow maceration of Valsugana raspberries and subsequent distillation in a vacuum bain-marie, this limited raspberry distillate with a delicate flavor is born. After distillation, Geist rests for a year in stainless steel tanks to express its aromatic complexity before being bottled. It is recommended to taste it at a temperature of 12°C.

100 ml
40% vol

Fermentation: After grinding the raspberries, the puree needs to ferment so that the sugar turns into alcohol.
Origin of Raw Materials: Fresh raspberries from Valsugana, rigorously selected for their quality and aromatic richness. They are harvested with the utmost care to avoid breaking the fruit and unwanted oxidation of the natural aromas.
Distillation method: the distillation takes place very slowly in a bain-marie, allowing the extraction of the distillate without losing the freshness and delicate scent of the raspberry.

Organoleptic characteristics

Color: bright
Perfume: releases a delicate aroma of undergrowth and raspberry
Taste: delicate, aromatic and well balanced with the alcoholic note.

Method of Service: we recommend tasting this fresh distillate in a tulip-type glass, at a temperature of 12°C.