Grappa di Pinot Nero – 100 ml
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Grappa di Pinot Nero

Pinot Noir grappa comes from a typical Trentino red grape variety, known for its refined aromas and its taste balance. The pomace, after being delicately pressed during vinification, is distilled in a discontinuous steam still, resulting in a crystalline grappa with an elegant, ethereal aroma and a characteristic, strong and soft flavour.

100 ml
40% vol

Type of grappa: young grappa
Grapes: Selection of Pinot Noir pomace, obtained from the grapes of the homonymous vine originating from Burgundy which in Trentino is cultivated only in particularly suitable areas, given its difficult environmental adaptability

Type of grape variety: red grape
Origin of the pomace (area of ​​origin): Grapes coming from the northern area of ​​Valdadige, on the border between Trentino and Alto Adige
Distillation method: The pomace is distilled in a discontinuous steam still, respecting the Trentino tradition

Organoleptic characteristics

Color: Crystal clear
Perfume: Elegant and ethereal
Taste: Dry and balanced, rightly alcoholic

Technical features

Notes: item with case
Serving method: We recommend tasting this grappa in a tulip-type glass, at a temperature of 8 – 10° C
Time of consumption: The ideal time to taste it is after a meal, but it is increasingly becoming a grappa for conversation.